What is a Helicopter Golf Ball Drop?


Everyone who buys a ticket to our helicopter golf ball drop ceremony will be assigned to a numbered golf ball, and a helicopter will drop all of the numbered balls at a target hole. The ball that falls into the hole first (or is closest to the hole) will win! Buy as many tickets as you like!


Helicopter Golf Ball Drop

  • $10 - 1 ball - Single

  • $20 - 2 balls - Double

  • $50 - 5 balls - Triple

  • $100 - 12 balls - GRAND SLAM!!!

  • Custom amount (multiples of $10)



Latest Donations

Elizabeth Crowel donated $50.00
To: Henry Crowel

Becky Benefield donated $50.00
To: Oliver Benefield, Jackson Benefield and Owen Benefield

Becky Benefield donated $10.00
To: Jackson Benefield, Oliver Benefield and Owen Benefield

Shanna Relei donated $30.00
To: Maverick Ferguson

Mark Relei donated $20.00
To: Maverick Ferguson

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